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Aerial Panorama

Interior and exterior high resolution 360 & panoramic photos. Panoramas can be used to promote bussines interactively with actual aerial information. Perfect for large scale prints for advertisement or interior design. Thanks to high resolution 50-150 Mpix it can show a lot more details than usual panorama. Taken from 30 to 120m above a ground delivers unique perspective showing a lot of information in one simple view. 360 photos can be uploaded to Google Maps to attract even more people.

Drone video adventure

Take a trip to the white sand dunes of the Fuerteventura or to one of the island's dark volcanoes and take magnificent viral video and photo on the top of it. Enjoy a drone film with You in the center of the action. Blue ocean waves and magnificent landscapes of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura islands as the scenery of your ascent over the Lobos Island volcano.

Special Events Video

Get professional aerial perspective of any official event and wedding. In the video you can invite your guests, film arrival of the bride, ceremony and weeding party. We can make for you corporative video of product promotion, business marketing or ribbon cutting events.

Dynamic sports

Enjoy a bicycle journey through the land of volcanic brutality or sand tranquility of the islands' landscapes. Are you up for even more adrenalin? Lets capture you surfing the waves to get unique and dynamic sky drone videos and photos.

Beach drone selfie

Spend a great day on an amazing white sand beach by the clear blue ocean waters and beautifully shaped waves. Lets capture those moments of JOY in a video and photos shot from bird's-eye view. Than make it viral on the social red.

Sail with the drone

Do you want to see your boat sailing through the blue waves of the Atlantic Ocean waters of the Canary Islands: Fuerteventura, Lanzarote or Gran Canaria? Have it filmed by a professional, certified pilot operating a fast drone equipped with 4K camera.

Video to rent/sell a house

What is the best way to get to the broader, worldwide clientele? An aerial video or photo gets the work done if you want to let/sell your house or an allotment. It is easier for people to decide on a property when they can watch a video from a high resolution drone. With a bird's-eye view let them see better all the buildings, terrain structure, surrounding landscapes and services you offer.

Terrain 3D model

Get high resolution and completely actual model of the groundworks in the mine or on the construction site. Build accurate 3D model of terrain to asses and measure drain damage, terrain volume needed to be displaced on the construction sites. Asses the number of trucks needed to move the debris. Get actual and precise elevation contour lines to integrate it in to your design software and documentation.

Precise aerial map

f you need precise and actual aerial map of the terrain to prepare project of new construction site, the easiest and fastest way to do it is to fly a specialized drone. Map gets fully referenced and integrates in to any CAD or GIS software. Resolution can be up to 2-5cm if needed.

Hi resolution drone panorama & panorama 360°

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Volcano @Isla de los Lobos
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What our clients say

Watching all that places from the bird’s-eye view, was like knowing them for good for the first time. I did not expect Fuerteventura to be so beautiful and now I’m so happy to have those vacation memories recorded forever in those personalized video.

Jan Kowalski

Jan Kowalski


This is exactly that kind of the new experience that I’m searching for on my trips. Still photographs made by Pawel from the drone are like paintings for me. Making drone video on the Lobos Island was like being a movie star in the advertisement production on the desert island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Wait, in fact this island is a desert island in the middle of the ocean!

Anna Strantz

Anna Strantz


This experience made us fill like a movie stars from the cinema. Watching each of this films recorded by drone revives all that happy moments, like it was for the first time ever. I feel really happy to have them recorded and want to make more drone video next time on the vacation.

Laura Cordero

Laura Cordero


Hi quality drone filming is the next level for capturing and sharing important moments of our lives from a new perspective. You just enjoy and Pawel makes your holidays unforgettable. It was such a great pleasure and so much fun!
Recommended 100%.

Javier Puelles

Javier Puelles


Drone technology

I'm a professional, certified pilot in Spain, art photographer, engineer and GIS designer with a wide experience in digital maps design. Previously did urban design for many years. I like to travel around the world and visit new beautiful places dominated by untouched nature. Nowadays dedicated to new emerging technology of complex drone flying technology. That lets me fully unlock its potential thanks to wide experience in the fields of: photography, GIS and new technologies. In my free time I like snowboarding, surfing and bicycle rides.
Paweł Czuczwara